From Far Away

C95A0005I was surprised at how many people were already there. The train leaves at 07:45H so I arrived at Keleti very early.
C95A0006The ride was about two and a half hours long. I haven’t gone to another country via train, this would be the first time.C95A0008I used to love trains and thought I’d gotten over it, but being alone in an early morning trip reminded me that I still did.C95A0010I fell asleep and woke up in Stúrovo. It’s the first stop the train makes in Slovakia.C95A0084I decided to visit Viktoria’s hometown for the weekend after hearing so many stories about her home town. There, I met her sister, Andi and all their grandparents.

C95A0014On the map, we showed them where I was from, ‘That’s a very long way if you go by walk!’ — quipped Viki and Andi’s grandpa.C95A0017They said the winter to this plant and it did not survive.C95A0019

C95A0026We said goodbye to them and then went back home.C95A0030We were joined by Andi and Viktoria’s grandpa for lunch. Viktoria told me that he used to work as the man who changed the train tracks.

C95A0058They took me around Udvrd with Portas as our guide, of course.C95A0042

C95A0060It was the middle of Spring and everything was blooming.

C95A0087I went home the same day. It’s always a surprise to see and get to know the people your friends grew up with and in knowing this part of their life, you get to know them a little better.


Published by Venice De Castro

Venice De Castro is documentarist whose curiosity is observing how personal and societal transformations manifest in everyday life.

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