C95A0268 Ingrid is back in Lisbon. At this moment, they might be having coffee at a kiosk near Gianluca’s house. I’m not there now, of course, so I tried to look for photographs of us from when I was in Lisbon.C95A0247 C95A0248C95A0249 C95A0251

These photographs were from one of those lucky Sunday afternoons when the ‘Sunday Plan’ actually pushed through. Actually, this was the only ‘lucky Sunday afternoon’ we had altogether because all the Sunday plans before and after that did not happen.


We had lunch in Graça and then went up to Gianluca’s favourite miradouro. It’s called Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. From there I can see my most favorite place in the city, which is Martim Moniz. It quickly grew to become my favourite miradouro too.


The week before Ingrid left, we had dinner at an Indian Nepalese Vegetarian restaurant in Arroios and talked about plans for the New Year. She was flying to Brazil for three months.


What followed in the next few days were a series of weeknight meetings. I took photographs so I could remember

C95A0341 C95A0342

Here are Luan and Gianluca. We were talking about my semester film and trains, leaving and the black hole through which all the photographs I ever take, go to because nobody every sees them.
C95A0347 C95A0344 C95A0352

This was three months ago. Ingrid is back in Lisbon now and I’ve moved to another city. They said they’ll visit while I’m here and I’m hoping that plan will be under the ‘lucky Sunday Afternoon’ category.


If the visit doesn’t push through, I think it will be alright, I think I can always come back. Lisbon said it herself.

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Venice De Castro is documentarist whose curiosity is observing how personal and societal transformations manifest in everyday life.

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