Chasing Vegetables in Makati: The Corner Tree Cafe

C95A9890 copy After posting old photographs last night, I got to reconnect with one of my friends from Uni. We decided to have lunch at this vegetarian restaurant in Jupiter Street called “The Corner Tree Cafe”.

C95A9891 copy

It’s a little cafe that stands on the curve of a street with a tree right beside it, thus the name. I’ve eaten here before and I was really happy to know that they served lots of vegan dishes and desserts. C95A9895 copy

The best sides ever! The carrot side in this photograph is the best carrot side dish Diosa has ever tasted. The patty was also amazing! Knowing that she loved the food makes me glad. Often, people are surprised at how great vegetarian / vegan food can be. I’m happy when that happens because it just shows that simple and kind food doesn’t mean boring. I had a full meal myself but I inhaled it even before I thought of photographing it. Oops!

C95A9898 copy C95A9899 copy

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Venice De Castro is documentarist whose curiosity is observing how personal and societal transformations manifest in everyday life.

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