It was cloudy at almost second week into summer.


We spent most of the day showing mom places she hasn’t been to before.



And while there, we learned more about mom. How she was lost at sea for 5 days and how she used to sell insurance and houses. It’s funny how much we have yet to learn from the people who we spend our every days with.



That night Maggie and I returned to the island. It felt so much like home.


ImageMaggie’s favourite place.ImageImageHere we unlocked the secrets to getting over heartbreaks, and how to properly celebrate meeting new friends but that night, we learned how to win at XO’s.Image

I don’t know how many times we climbed that flight of stairs. In different states.


We hopped on a mini bus back because the night was over.

Hong Kong Trip18

The way back was like a tour, of all the places she used to call home.

Hong Kong Trip17

And the old homes of friends who have made this place Home.

Hong Kong Trip13

I remember the day we sent her off to Hong Kong five years ago. Sometimes I don’t understand why we felt so uncertain at that time. If I could talk to us back then, I would’ve told us that things will turn out fine — even great.

Hong Kong Trip12

But uncertainty is beautiful like lights mimicking fireflies across rain swept windshields. Sometimes we’re not so sure where we’re going. And it’s fine to be blurry at some point —

Hong Kong Trip14

Hong Kong Trip15

— because clarity comes before we know it.

Hong Kong Trip11

New places are always scary —

Hong Kong Trip09–but they can be beautiful too once we get pass the fear.

Hong Kong Trip10

Hong Kong Trip07

A couple of years back, maggie received a court summons from the Hong Kong Government for crossing the street on a red light. I guess she has learned now – how to cross when it’s time to.

Hong Kong Trip08

A key to the old apartment. I’m glad some of the old things got to cross over to this side.

Hong Kong Trip23

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Venice De Castro is documentarist whose curiosity is observing how personal and societal transformations manifest in everyday life.

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